Jordan Maxwell


Does Anyone Agree With Jordan Maxwell About The Elite Controlling America Threw Symbols?

Jordan Maxwell is the one who wrote books such as "Matrix of Power". Where he shows that the US government is ran by elites who invest in banks and has a crap load of money. Pretty much owning humans.

Answer:It's called the class structure. We live in a capitalist society. The financial oligarchs control the vast majority of resources. They own the means of production and those who do not share in this ownership must work for them, or die. That's not simply "symbolic' (although the greatest symbol is the money system), it is material.
What Do You Think About The Theories Of Jordan Maxwell?

Don't just say "good" or "bad." Go in detail a little, please.

Answer:I think he is great. More and more proof is coming out he is right and the government is covering up a lot of things.
Has Anyone Researched Jordan Maxwell's Claim That The Hebrews Were Actually Henotheistic?

Answer:Nothing new about that theory. One thing is uncontested though: By New Testament times, they were strict monotheists.

Does Anyone Know What Jordan Maxwell Is Talking About Concerning Admiralty Jurisdiction?

Answer:I don't really understand it, but I'll tell you what I think he means. I think Jordan Maxwell is a Historian and Author, specialising in subjects such as symbology, Fascism, Nazi's, the Occult, the Illuminati, the New World Order etc. etc. I know very little about all this, but have seen some conspiracy theories relating to the Anglo-American relationship and a plan for one global government. Jordan Maxwell is relating back to the British Naval rule of the seas when it commanded the biggest Empire ever seen. Maxwell claims America is ranked as a corporate asset of Britain and the old Empire is still alive and ruled by the Queen. I believe he states the 'Illuminati' follows the law of the seas. Under this law, America was founded as a corporation by the British realm, not a country. This makes America a corporate asset of England and the US people the equivalent of employees. He claims America has a purpose to re-shape the world to give Britain global control. Then traitors like Bush that really serve the Queen and Britain will wreck America when its served its purpose. That's what I remember him saying, but I might be wrong in places. It's all rubbish if you ask me.
Is Anyone Besides Me Interested Into Jordan Maxwell And His Conspiracy Theories?

Jordan Maxwell is a very well known person who has proved by any shadow of doubt that out government is corrupt and that they are men of brotherhoods who practice Kabbalic magic to have the mental power to control the massive of the world. He also discusses Aliens and how they are ''men'' from other worlds who are here to change the events which take fold on the earth. He also says that UFOs are in the Bible and that the Old Testament is speaking of a Brotherhood called ''Yahweh'' who will take over the Earth and destroy the government and its system. If Obama is around if this does happen. Do you think he will give Yahweh thier ease or do you think he will go to war with these entites who could help us? He also says that the CIA has ties to the Mafia. He could be right. John F Kennedy and all his brothers are dead Im sure the CIA had something to do with that.

Answer:i follow no one i make up my own mind but yes..i do believe in alot of conspiracies